Graffiti Removal



Completed Graffiti Removal Requests

    • 2008: 172,197
    • 2009: 172,989
    • 2010: 161,336
    • 2011: 137,459
    • 2012*: 64,000

*Through July 30

Source: Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation

Budget Cuts and effects on people.

  • City Hall’s budget cuts have hit the graffiti-removal program, eliminating nearly a third of the workers who scoured Chicago to clean public and private property spray painted by gang-bangers and taggers marking their turf.
  • And business owners have taken notice.
  • “It’s absolutely horrible,” says Arnie Wulfstat, who’s been waiting nearly two weeks for the city to remove the graffiti someone painted on the side of his building at 1259 N. Milwaukee.
  • “I’ve called the city,” he says. “They used to come out within a week. Instead of cutting back, they should add to it.”
  • The “graffiti blasters” program — one of Daley’s pet projects to beautify Chicago by providing free graffiti removal to homeowners and businesses — has been cut 25 percent this year, down to $4.1 million. It has 49 employees, 23 fewer than last year.

Video of Graffiti Removal



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