Interview with Graffiti Artist

Oak Street Beach – Chicago, IL


“When you tag do you tag so everyone can see it or do you just do it where you won’t get caught?”

Date: So EVERYONE sees my work. Right on the street sometimes.

“How do police go about stopping you? And if you had a legal place to do it would you strictly do it there?”

Date: Sometimes they start individual investigations. They investigated me from one of my pieces in my neighborhood from seeing it on camera.

They had pic of my face and my graffiti and were going into stores asking if I came in often. My barber told me. No I have a couple of legal walls I can go to but it’s different from illegal graffiti. It feels different”

“Are you mainly doing it for the fame or the rush?”

Date: Little bit of both.


“What’s your typical day like when you go tag? What time do you go?”

Date: I usually just go out and do my normal night. I just bring paint then once I leave a party for the night I’ll paint on my way home.

“Any specific time period to avoid people seeing you?”

Date: Usually Sunday-Thursday anywhere from 12-5am or 6am sometimes. Sometimes I’ll be painting while the sun comes up.


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