Reverse Graffiti – Doing a Public Service and Reclaiming Space

A local graffiti artist in San Paulo is pioneering a technique that’s being referred to as “reverse-graffiti” in order to raise awareness to a pollution problem as well as prod the city to do something about it. By leaving skull tags through the cleaning of dirty or stained surfaces he is making a social statement about the level of filth in public spaces as well as encouraging cleaning through the cities removal effort – effectively cleaning the surface of all grime and denying him a canvas. Since he isn’t effacing property it’s impossible to pin him down for vandalism and his actions are making the city clean spaces they otherwise would have left filthy – think reverse psychology. He’s also embodying the ideals of hip hop and graffiti’s roots through reclaiming space that’s been dismissed and showing that it means something; so much that he gets the city to clean the space and make it as beautiful as it should be.



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