Why Spaces:

“Every graffiti artist makes decisions about where their work will live for different reasons. Some choose safety, some fame, others choose randomly. We believe that when art and space collide, the random becomes expressive and experience is created. This project is not solely about graffiti, but rather aims to explore the places in which it exists.”


Types of Spaces:

Blank, smooth surfaces are the most frequently targeted by graffitists. The smoother and lighter in color, the better as the graffitists will be able to use a greater variety of colors. Surfaces that are highly visible are also preferred. Graffitists, like artists, want to show off their work.


Why out in Public?:

Public spaces such as parks, are especially prone to graffiti because in addition to having ideal surfaces, there is no apparent victim. Park authorities are thought of as an unidentifiable entity and the cost of removal thought to be shouldered by the system, rather than one person.

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