Graffiti Theory was created with the intention of educating the public about graffiti and its many aspects. The site covers information such as application, criminalization, its negative and positive aspects, history, and spaces.

The idea for this site came out of collaborative thinking from Spring 2014 semester’s LLS 265 Course at the University of Illinois at ¬†Urbana Champaign. The course is “Politics of Hip Hop” and one of its goals was to have the students learn and apply topics covered in class and put together a project. Since graffiti is one of the 4 main components of Hip Hop, this warranted a project on its own. We who are a part of Graffiti Theory decided that a blog styled website like WordPress was the perfect way to educate others and express what we have learned this semester. WordPress is easily accessible to anyone with access to the internet and as college students, this is a perfect medium for us to connect with those who would like to learn more about graffiti.

Hip Hop is about self expression and a critique of dominant culture. Graffiti is a great example of hip hop in action because it can be generally understood as an visual expression of hip hop, where as break dancing was the physical, and rap music is the audio. We are using hip hop represented through graffiti and we seek to teach others what graffiti is all about and how it affects the world.

We are using Hip Hop, more specifically graffiti as an alternative means to educate people. Many people think of graffiti as vandalism and that it should have no place on public buildings and or places. However, we would like to inform the public that graffiti can also benefit society. There are also legal avenues of creating graffiti. Graffiti can also function as therapy for those who are incarcerated, especially for those who have a hard time expressing themselves through words. We hope this site will educate them about the history and positives/negatives of graffiti. From then on, people who are incarcerated might find artistic space for expression.


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Graffiti's Past, Present, and Future

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