Graffiti and Hip Hop

Hip Hop was created with the original intent of letting disadvantaged youth in the impoverished areas in the inner city a way to express themselves. In modern times, rappers and rap music have taken the limelight while graffiti has faded into the background, taking a “back seat” so to speak in Hip Hop. We here at Graffiti Theory would also like to remind people that graffiti, though having had a history long before Hip Hop, is still very much a part of it today.

This documentary is a must watch for those interested in Graffiti.  Not only does it explain how “graffiti” as we currently know it as came to be, but it also reminds people that graffiti itself was one of the four major elements of Hip Hop.

Also, Graffiti represents Hip Hop as the visual expression of it. The song Spraypaint and Inkpens by Fort Minor  does a real good job of tying rap music and graffiti by setting up a metaphor that rappers also create graffiti through their verbal expressions.



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